City of Bayswater Native Plants to Residents Program

To keep everyone safe from COVID-19, this year we are doing things differently.

We are pleased to again run the City of Bayswater's Plants to Residents Program. City of Bayswater residents and residential property owners can purchase 10 plants for the subsidised rate of only $5, however to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, we are doing things differently this year.

How do I collect my $5 plant pack?


Book a session time to collect your plants by clicking on the Book Now button.


Select one of the plant packs to purchase. If the one you want is sold out for that session, try another session.

Pay the $5 for your 10 plant pack.
Collect your plants only within the session time you have booked. Bring a box with you to put them in. 

This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation’s ‘Waterwise Greening Scheme’ and forms part of our ambition for the City of Bayswater to be a leading waterwise and climate change resilient community

Important Information

  • The program is only open to residents of the City of Bayswater or owners of residential properties within the City of Bayswater. Proof of address may be requested on collection. Refunds will not be made if you are not eligible for the program.
  • Only one plant pack may be purchased per residential address. 
  • The program is not available to businesses or schools.
  • This year a range of plant packs have been specially chosen to suit different conditions including verges, varying garden sizes and different site conditions. All packs contain 10 plants from a range of species with contrasting textures and colours and varying growth habits.
  • We regret that no changes to the plant packs can be made.
  • A list of species will be provided with your pack along with a planting guide on collection.
  • Please remember that these packs should be viewed as garden starter or infill packs and additional native plants can always be purchased from one of the excellent Native Plant Nurseries listed here.
  • Appropriate physical distancing must be observed when collecting your plants.
  • A delivery option can be requested if you are needing to self isolate or are in a high risk group and it would not be safe to attend in person. Please select this option on check out only if required and we can arrange an alternative week day delivery for you.
  • All proceeds from plant sales go towards supporting Enviro House, a volunteer run not for profit organisation. For more information please see
  • For questions about the program or ordering please email


Species List 2020

These is the 2020 plant list - so these are the varieties you can expect to find in your plant packs.

  • Acacia lasiocarpa
  • Acacia pulchella
  • Anigozanthos bicolor
  • Anigozanthos flavidus
  • Anigozanthos humilus
  • Anigozanthos manglesi
  • Anigozanthos viridis
  • Austromyrtus dulcis
  • Banksia attenuata
  • Banksia blechnifolia
  • Banksia grandis
  • Banksia littoralis
  • Banksia menziesii
  • Billardiera fusiformis
  • Calothamnus hirsutus
  • Conostylis aculeata
  • Conostylis candicans
  • Correa "Dusky Bells"
  • Corymbia ficifolia
  • Darwinia citriodora
  • Dianella revoluta
  • Dodonaea hackettiana
  • Eremophila albicans "Kalbarri Carpet"
  • Eremophila glabra
  • Eucalyptus torquata
  • Ficinia  nodosa
  • Goodenia varia
  • Grevillea crithmifolia
  • Grevillea obtusifolia
  • Hakea laurina
  • Hakea lissocarpha
  • Hardenbergia comptoniana
  • Hemiandra  pungens
  • Hibbertia scandens
  • Hypocalymma angustifolium
  • Jacksonia sternbergiana
  • Kennedia coccinea
  • Kennedia prostrata
  • Kunzea baxteri
  • Leucophyta brownii
  • Myoporum parvifolia fine form
  • Patersonia occidentalis
  • Pimelea ferruginea
  • Ricinocarpus glaucus
  • Templetonia retusa
  • Thryptomene saxicola
  • Verticordia plumosa
  • Westringia fruticosa

Handy Plant Fact Sheets

Handy Plant Fact Sheets

pdf (3.59 MB)

Planting Guide

Planting Guide

pdf (264.83 KB)

Give your Native Plants the best chance of success.


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