Aleisha Santoriello

West Ward

Q1. Waste Management

What do you see as the main challenges to managing and reducing waste in the City of Bayswater and what specific actions will you take to improve the City's waste management outcomes:

  • in council operations?
  • in commercial operations?
  • at the residential level?

The main challenge I see for the City of Bayswater in managing and reducing waste would be the continued provision of education and advice, suitable infrastructure, and incentives to encourage the community to dispose of and recycle their waste responsibly as per the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

I would work with the community to better understand the issues from their perspective and how managing and reducing waste could be further improved within the City. Some suggestions could include:

  • Further education campaigns at schools and online (e.g. a mobile phone application to assist the community with waste-sorting at home)
  • Additional locations for ease/accessibility to dispose of specific items such as batteries, printer cartridges and electronic waste
  • Introduction of soft plastic recycling options at residential/commercial/council level
  • FOGO bins places in dog parks to encourage recycling of dog waste
  • Explore incentive options to further promote recycling at a business/residential level etc.
  • All recycling initiatives piloted first and then implemented within council operations prior to wider roll-outs.

Q2. Transport

Places that are less car-dominated than the City of Bayswater currently is enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Safer streets
  • Cleaner air
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Healthier, more active population, and
  • Greater independence for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Are you supportive of reducing car use and increasing active transport (eg walking, cycling) in the City of Bayswater? If so, what specific measures will you take to enable people to walk, bike (and scoot and skate) more?

If you are not supportive of reducing car use and increasing active transport, tell us why.

Yes I am supportive of increasing active transport in the area and I think this is definitely possible with the public transport options we have available to us in the City (bus and train), numerous cycle ways, footpaths and green open spaces. I think there are already a number of measures in place to encourage this such as the lower speed limits within and around the town centre, the introduction of additional cycle-paths, events such as the Saturday markets etc.

Examples of measures to further encourage people in the community to walk/bike/skate include:

  • Additional inclusive and diverse community-events hosted in the Town Centre
  • Traffic light schedules adjusted during peak periods to better accommodate the flow of pedestrians in and out of the Town Centre
  • Investigate the feasibility of a town centre shuttle bus/heritage tour to encourage exploration of the town
  • Better support/incentives for our local businesses to keep them operating (particularly during construction of the new Bayswater station), in addition to introducing new business to the area.

Q3. Urban Greenery

Are you supportive of increasing greenery and tree canopy in the City of Bayswater? If so, what tangible ways will you work to increase the urban forest:

  • on public land?
  • on private land?

If you are not supportive of increasing urban greenery, tell us why.

I am definitely supportive of increasing greenery and tree canopy from an environmental perspective, to protect our natural biodiversity and to reduce the heat-island effect which can be felt in a large number of areas. I would be encouraging further tree planting initiatives across the City within road reserves and green open spaces, incentivising residents to plant trees (or retain) trees on their own properties wherever possible and continue to enhance and maintain the City's green spaces. We are called 'The Garden City' for a reason!

Q4. Priorities

What are your top priorities if elected to the City of Bayswater council?

  1. Ensuring the community is heard and represented at Council meetings when making decisions pertaining to development affecting the Bayswater and Bedford town centres.
  2. Maintaining a strong focus on environmental and sustainability initiatives and improvements in the City including tree planting and increased canopy coverage, recycling initiatives, adhering to renewable energy targets etc.
  3. Continuing to deliver inclusive and diverse community-events and promote community engagement with local businesses that have been struggling during COVID and the ongoing construction works within the City.
  4. Bringing a fresh focus to issues such as homelessness, mental health and wellbeing, and security.


Aleisha Santoriello
West Ward


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