Fiorda Kule

Central Ward

Q1. Waste Management

What do you see as the main challenges to managing and reducing waste in the City of Bayswater and what specific actions will you take to improve the City's waste management outcomes:

  • in council operations?
  • in commercial operations?
  • at the residential level?

I believe the most urgent challenge to managing and reducing waste in the CoB is around education. 

Many people are still unsure about what goes in which bin.  FOGO is a fantastic and important initiative that has been led by the City recently.  

While door-knocking for the last few months though, a common theme from residents has been concerns relating to the liners provided by the City, as people find them to be too thin and break easily.  Given the use of bin liners is important to many locals I believe residents in Central Ward are waiting for a more user friendly solution in the short term.

If elected I will advocate for greater and continued education relating to managing and reducing waste.

Q2. Transport

Places that are less car-dominated than the City of Bayswater currently is enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Safer streets
  • Cleaner air
  • Less traffic congestion
  • Healthier, more active population, and
  • Greater independence for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Are you supportive of reducing car use and increasing active transport (eg walking, cycling) in the City of Bayswater? If so, what specific measures will you take to enable people to walk, bike (and scoot and skate) more?

If you are not supportive of reducing car use and increasing active transport, tell us why.

I am supportive of reducing car use and advocating for increased active transport. I will advocate for  more connected neighbourhoods, if elected. 

A simple example of an opportunity, to me, is by partially closing Progress Street to cars (on Sundays for example).  People would be encouraged to walk from Galleria to Coventry and vice versa; they could walk to the library and enjoy a nice tour to admire the Art Walk trial along the way - something that was envisioned and created by The Morley Momentum – who seek the introduction of initiatives to encourage increased walkability, as part of developing a more vibrant Morley. If Progress street was partially closed to the traffic, it will also mean more foot traffic for our local businesses. So a win-win!!

The new Metronet Morley Train Station is a transformational project with the potential to deliver significantly more opportunity for people to choose an ternative to car use.  It will be really important though that infrastructure linking our suburbs to the train station is upgraded to allow for safer pedestrian and cycle use in order for more people to not have to rely on cars to get to the station.  If elected I will advocate for this, as well as a rapid public transport system linking the train station to the Morley Activity Centre.

The City’s footpath programs need to continue to be delivered in order to improve accessibility for people of all ages and abilities.  If elected I will advocate for more new footpaths and improved existing footpaths to ensure elderly people, people living with disabilities, parents, grandparents and carers with with prams, and kids can safely traverse across our City in a safer way.

Q3. Urban Greenery

Are you supportive of increasing greenery and tree canopy in the City of Bayswater? If so, what tangible ways will you work to increase the urban forest:

  • on public land?
  • on private land?

If you are not supportive of increasing urban greenery, tell us why.

I am supportive of increasing urban greenery and tree canopy. Planting more trees in Morley, Embleton and Bayswater will make the area look attractive and pedestrian friendly, as well as help to tackle the urban heat island effect, climate change, and improve the green links between our urban bushland areas, contributing more habitat. 

More trees also provides much needed shade for people walking and cycling in our area. 

If elected, I will continue to advocate for providing high quality green urban spaces with increased biodiversity and pedestrian connectivity, and seek to ensure public open spaces and our green areas are protected. I will work hard to support improved resilience and diversity of our bushland, green areas and urban forest. Moreover, I will advocate for trees to be planted in sensible places along high-traffic streets in commercial and industrial areas which continue to be significantly neglected.

Q4. Priorities

What are your top priorities if elected to the City of Bayswater council?

If elected my top priorities are:

  • To be an active and accessible councillor, that listens and cares.
  • Improve tree canopies in a sensible way
  • I will advocate for a Morley train station that works for our area
  • Fostering an inclusive community for people pf all backgrounds and ages, families, young people and older people
  • Ensuring continued security patrols
  • Supporting community events in Morley, Embleton and Bayswater 


Fiorda Kule
Central Ward


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